Our firm, having extensive experience working with shipyards in the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Russia, will be glad to offer you the following services:

  • Choice of project bureau,
  • Development of a class - project and design documentation,
  • Choice of shipyard,
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning of a "turnkey" vessel
  • Selection and delivery of necessary marine equipment
  • Selection of financing options.

Our experts have participated in project development, construction management and the supply of equipment for the following vessels:

  • Hydrographic vessel (R2170 Buoy Layer Nadezhda (Hope)),
  • Patrol boats (Projects R490, R3140, RV 50),
  • Pilot boat, ice class (R1490 “ANTO-03")
  • Multi-purpose tugboat (ASD pr.1233 “ERIDAN”),
  • Cargo ships (3500 dwt, 4100 dwt, 5400 dwt),
  • Multi-purpose ferries for Croatia.

Involved in the upgrade:

  • EVA 316 (multi-purpose icebreaking ship).

Supplying equipment to well-known ships:

  • Akademik Mstislav Keldysh
  • Krusenstern.

Our good relations with the leading shipyards and design bureaus in Finland, Norway, Ukraine and Russia allow us to select the optimal solutions for project implementation. We are ready to assist in solving any issues involving shipbuilding.