Ventilation systems SovPlym

Our company is the official representative of such companies as SovPlym, Plymovent, and EUROMATE, the leading manufacturers of systems for local ventilation and air cleaning.

We offer our customers a full range of services to create healthy and safe working conditions in working zones and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. We offer a full range of services, including design, supply, installation, commissioning, warranty and service.

  • SovPlym (Russia), PlymoVent (Sweden)
    • Local exhaust ventilation of workplaces. Welding areas (any type of welding), soldering, cleanup work
    • Removing and cleaning air from the gas-plasma cutting machines.
    • Removal of the exhaust gases in car sales salons, car repair, fire stations and inspection stations. Various fans.
  • EUROMATE (Holland)
    • Cleaning equipment for aromatization and ionize Asian of air in offices, residential premises, as well as clubs, restaurants and public places.
    • Installations for the removal and regeneration of tobacco smoke. Smoking booths from 2 to 20 people. Outdoor smoking cabins. Smoking tables with collection system for butts and neutralizing smells. Ashtrays. Urns.
  • EHC (Sweden)
    • Mobile filters on exhaust pipes of cars and other vehicles. To use an engine in an enclosed space (showroom, warehouse, etc.)
  • INFASTAUB, Intensiv (Germany)
    • Removing and cleaning the air or gas from the dust of different disperse composition of a wide range of materials, wood, textiles, aluminum, food processing, tobacco, paper, glass dust, salt, lime, chalk, cement, coal dust, radioactive materials, etc. cleaning to a degree of up to 99.99%.